About Us


Spira has spent the past 4 years in product development to create the very best source of food-safe dye.

Since Spira's, inception, we’ve been dedicated to the idea of accessible nutrition for all - beginning with ourselves.

Our Founder, Elliot, was being personally effected by food insecurity and growing deeply frustrated with the food waste crisis. With his ever-depleting finances as a college student and entrepreneur, he needed a way to receive food nutrition, fast and affordably. Seeing an opportunity in vertical farming and hydroponics, while intersecting with his research and passion for biochemistry Elliot decided to focus on the fastest-growing, least resource-intensive and most nutritionally-dense organism: spirulina.

Early 2016, while in the process of researching and article writing on synthetic biology during undergrad, he had come across a NASA article on spirulina. By February 2016, Elliot began harvesting and eating spirulina as a supplement. After a month of growing, Elliot started to sell mason jars of spirulina starter culture to friends to enable others to grow their own.

From April 2016 until now, Spira has…

  • Selected for the world’s first synthetic biology accelerator, RebelBio

  • Received a grant from Lighthouse Labs in Richmond, Virginia

  • Elected for the World Food Programme bootcamp, to build a social impact model that helps people grow nutrition in the developing world

  • Elected for the Halcyon Incubator in Washington, D.C. - a program focused on empowering social-conscious companies

  • Selected for AccelerateDC and the BeGreen Hub, both programs focusing on customer discovery and development

  • Elected for the NSF I-Corps program

  • Receiving funding from the Soylent Innovation Lab

  • And most recently, established a laboratory in Los Angeles.

Over the years, Spira has narrowed in on the most pressing challenges facing the world - and using spirulina as the solution.

Years of research and experiences with our impressive team of scientists, research and business leaders, have shown us the possibilities are endless. We’re more than excited to continue our journey in discovering and solving these challenges through spirulina.