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Customization + Ecosolutions

What We Offer


CO2 Capture

Eliminate your environmental footprint by feeding your carbon to our algae.

Wastewater treatment

Our algae can eliminate harmful toxins + remove nitrogen for better water.

Mineral accumulation

We extract valuable materials using, yep, algae. It really can do everything.

How it works

Our Process


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Gap Assessment

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What is this

We pioneered these solutions for specific projects, but they’re now available for everyone.


What our customers say

Loved all shades of Electric Blue. Easy to incorporate to simple food. Makes any monotone dessert stand out instantly!

Chef Day Radley
Vindi’s Kitchen Owner

The vibrancy of Electric Sky catches peoples eye, so they notice our recipe and are more likely to make it. In a nutshell it helps more people eat more vegan doughnuts

Chef Day Radley
Vindi’s Kitchen Owner

I would normally have to use half  a bottle to achieve the same color using gels. I would highly recommend Spira to anyone looking for a natural colorant!

Chef Day Radley
Vindi’s Kitchen Owner